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SkyWest Airlines president and COO writes about the American Eagle deal

A memo from Chip Childs, president and chief operating officer of SkyWest Airlines, to his employees in which he announces SkyWest’s deal to fly as American Eagle. ( 기타...

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Well, surprised me. I figured it would be Mesa. I guess this begins the end for Eagle?
Wow. I was formerly employed at Expressjet/UAexpress in CRP, we were furloughed 2 weeks ago and had the option to go work at Eagle. Most of us did not take the job because we had that gut feeling about Eagle, and the whole idea of 50 seat flying. Just look what DL did with Comair and have told OO and EV they dont want 50 seat a/c in the system. Im glad to be out of the regional airline biz.
Well, this appears to be just off the West Coast for now but, like you, it is a harbinger of things to come. Eagle was company owned and as they could not sell it outright, I figure it will just die a slow death and replaced with contracts in order to get rid of all that labor & employee expense.
The only other one I can think of is Horizon Air by Alaska Airlines. Even that is started to be outsourced to SkyWest for the RJ flying on the west coast. Horizon still flies the Q400's though.
*has started
Pretty impressive OO!


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