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First flight-test A350 emerges in full colours

Airbus has unveiled the first A350-900 flight-test prototype in its full paint scheme, as the airframer makes final preparations for the twinjet's maiden sortie. The aircraft has been fitted with its Rolls-Royce Trent XWB engines and the painting process marks one of the final stages before the flight-test regime begins. Customers have ordered 414 of the -900 variant, the first of the three-member family to be developed. ( 기타...

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Fin looks too small
Very odd looking for some reason.
I have not seen the air craft anyway, but I like Air bus aircrafts. I am longing to experience the plane.
One of the better looking Airbuses but it's quite ugly. I rather fly on Cessna 152 with its wing ducktapped back on rather than this. Seems like Airbus copied Boeing in some aspects.
sparkie624 -1
"Some aspects"??? A lot of aspects.
Way to be innovative..The plane looks like the 787!!. please... this gets a thumbs down for me
We shall see won't we . . .
Belvdme 1
Absolutely fabulous looking. Very European design.
I assume all of these comments are from the USA ...........mmh Still smarting from the 787 debacle.
They probably are, BUT, over the years, airplanes Boeing has evolved planes into that shape and it would not only be foolish but very expensive to try and totally redesign something else. Whether it's Airbus or any mfg., general shape will be there because it is tried and proven over the years. The fact that Boeing did it first and as far as I'm concerned, did it best, remains unchanged. And regards the 787, Airbus had their teething problems on the 380
Actually the Airbus A380 is an early rejected design for the Boeing 747.
Boeing seriously considered the two level design that the Airbus A380 has, but rejected it eventually, because of the problems that would be encountered on an emergency evacuation, which had to be completed within 90 seconds.
I believe you are correct. I remember something about that back in the day when they first started talking about it, really before it got to a design stange or else it was one presented. As others were talking about in another post a few days ago, it really limits the market for that beast since it can't make most every airport like the 747 can. Most airlines would balk at the landing fee that an airport would have to charge to expand a runway to 200' wide and retrofit existing terminals.
Yes, and still smarting from the A380 debacle and whatever debacles this A350 will bring, since it has to go through the tests also.
Dunno, but to me it looks more like a stretched Embraer E170.
This is nothing but technology theft... Looks too much like a Boeing... And that is exactly where they stole the Winglet design from.
I don't know if it can be considered "theft". Boeing has willingly shared it's engineering knowledge with other countries, including Russia and China, on its own in the past.
chalet 0
Nice looking aicraft but the empennage looks suspiciously like Boeing's 777 (copyrights infringement anyone?.... LIMAO!!).
Like a lot of their other models, they look suspiciously like the Boeing model they are chasing. When you play catch up ball, you do what you have to.
They bought it from Boeing - its really the 737-AB


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