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Passenger opens emeregency exit for "fresh air"

And says to nearby member of the ground crew, "I'll have a cheeseburger, fries, and a coke to go"... ( 기타...

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scott8733 20
That guy had to do more than open the door to find fresh air ANYWHERE in China.
Beat me to it...
From the same article: ... A man onboard a KLM flight was also arrested last September when he mistook the plane's exit door for a toilet door...

Please can one find a time machine and leave these idiots back to ~nine months prior their birth?!
I can see how a peasant from the back country in China might be confused. First time on an aircraft and he can't find the crank for the window regulator. After all, 'isn't this airplane thingie just a bus with birdie wings?'

The KLM incident was inexcusable. That guy was most likely Flying Under the Influence.
Hey you know how it goes when you're on a bender....if the loo is more thatn 30 feet may be in trouble!
Should have thrown the guy head first out on to the tarmac, closed the door and left.
SootBox 1
Tied him to the wing, then he isn't due a refund.
There is no known cure for stupid.
My friend, there is a cure. Taken early enough and spectacularly enough, one could be in the running for a Darwin Award.
Good thing the door not armed, that would have been a very long delay!
30west 3
Over-wing exits are not armed. As long as the jet is not pressurized, it can be opened by the passenger sitting at that seat anytime he is stupid enough to do so. The large doors, L1, L2, R1, R2, etc. are armed for slide deployment by the FA's prior to departing the gate.
Thx, I stand corrected. However, if he was stupid enough to open the exit he just might be stupid enough to pull the slid inflation handle, just for the hell of it.
HighFlyer, that was a B-737 NG ("Next Generation") There is no inflatable slide attached to the over-wing exits.
bdarnell 2
And, there is no "Seat 41A". Obviously a misprint. 14A maybe ?
Ha, I noticed that too. Wondered if they just REALLY cram then in there in China...
What to keep someone from opening an over-wing exit before cabin pressurization kicks in at around 7,000 feet?
Another way to get a free ride in a police car.
I blame this movie.
One of my all time favorite Movies... I just hope the guy who is checking the oil did not watch the movie.. :)
"I picked the wrong day to stop sniffing glue".
Was this confirmed anywhere? The teaser links at the bottom of the article had a bunch of photoshopped pictures of sharks eating people, etc. The "photos" in the article never showed a single pax - just an open door and I suppose it could have just been a maintenance event that got embellished.
slynn333 2
It's true. Just watched the story on the morning news. They showed a mechanic securing the window from the wing
I am so glad that I cannot travel by air with some of the idiots flying these days!
Ugh what Idiots.. I hope they were removed from the flight!
As the cop cuffed him, the officer asked : "would you like fries with that?"
I always thought that even the emergency escape doors are of the plug type.
Next time when at 30,000 and I hear some baboon say "Hey! Watch this!", I'm gonna make damn sure my seatbelt is fastened! ✈️💨
AWAAlum 3
Good idea. At least that way, when you're sucked out the opening, you'll be able to sit down while plummeting toward Earth.
They will not be able to open it at Altitude... No way to get it open with that kind of pressure differential.
If an emergency slide had been deployed, the flight would have been delayed a LOT longer than a few hours waiting for a replacement.
Was it really necessary to delay the flight for "over an hour"?
That's how long it took for his order to arrive....
They probably had to offload the idiot, find his luggage, get a repair crew, look for any damage, etc.
I would think so. First, the passenger must be investigated. Did he really not know that windows on an airplane should not be opened???
Forgive me my possible intelligence of thought but would it not be wise for all aircraft doors to be like prison cells, open from outside only except for the cabin crew to detonate explosive bolts in case of emergency landings? Even a command from the FMC on the flight deck would eliminate the knuckle head that every flight seems to be accursed!
AWAAlum 3
Not in my opinion, no. In the unlikely event the crew is incapacitated, the pax would be trapped.
They may already be dead but that aside, the pilot's can initiate a command through the Flight Management Computer if programmed to act when critical parameters have been met.

Automation of the flight deck should detect inaction of the crew both sides of the cockpit door. In these events, the door to the fuselage may be opened.

The issue remains that those passengers lacking intelligent capabilities of thought create chaos to flights, schedules, lives and the need to make flying upon a tube of 400+ farts, smelly meals, rampant mobile chatter and just simple bad behaviour of fellow passengers something to eliminate.

I detest the thought of them but I may well consider a long slow boat as it was in the day of my ancestors. At least we got clean air and could throw the offenders overboard!!


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