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SeaPort Airlines to be liquidated, fleet grounded

SeaPort Airlines, an 8-year-old commuter carrier that tried to carve a niche serving subsidized routes to small regional airports, will ground its flights Tuesday as it faces liquidation in bankruptcy. ( 기타...

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Poorly managed and badly run airline. The US government gave them about $14 Million a year in subsidies as part of the nearly $1 Billion in taxpayer handouts to commuter airlines for the Essential Air Services program. Despite revenue and $14 Mil a year, they couldn't keep 5 planes and 35 pilots flying. Makes me wonder how well the owners are now living off squandered taxpayer dollars.
"The Federal Aviation Administration fined the airline $500,000 earlier this year for operating three planes that hadn't been inspected."

Well how bad could they be...
I hate how they are going broke. At least I got to fly on them a few years ago before they liquidated everything.


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