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Russian military accused of hacking MH17 investigation

Investigators have disclosed that Russian military intelligence hackers attempted to obtain information on the probe into the destruction of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17. ( 기타...

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russian hackers everywhere..... what do they want to know here????
mkeflyer 4
They want to discredit everyone else but them. Russia and China are engaged in a massive info war to make themselves look like victims and to show they can go anywhere they want, when they want.
Utter crap you asleep sheeple, keep taking your medicine you need it.
Same old Russians. Tiger can't change its stripes. "Deny, Distract, and Blame". Also, based on risk vs. return basis, digital hacking is exceedingly logical. One does not need to expend the treasure, time, and risk of sending an actual human being into foreign territory when it can just send untraceable digital bits. The benefits of digital hacking abound.
skylab72 -1
They want to know how much the Dutch know about what actually brought down flight MH17. Or as a question:
How sure are the Dutch (or anyone) that this "crash" was actually a hostile downing of a civilian aircraft over Ukrainian airspace by a weapon or weapons supplied by and supported by Russian nationals?
For those that seem to be totally in dark, Russia has proven without a shadow of a doubt that the Buk missile that was fired, was supplied to Ukrainian forces in the 80's, and was never returned to Russia.
If you blind sheeple would stop listening to the crap that emminates from the White House and western MSM that dribbles the BS rhetoric the UK, US and NATO (North Atlantic Terrorist Organization) want the sheeple to hear, you may actually wake up. Just as in Syria, Iraq, Libya, Yugoslavia and a host of other nations, invaded illegally by the West, then conveniently blamed on their respective Govts, Ukraine is no different, and the proof is there for anyone who is keen on facts rather than the BS narrative spewed by Western whore Govt's.
Best wishes Mr Putin / Russia from New Zealand.
You cannot trust the west as far as you can throw them. 9/11 an inside job carried out by the same termites that invaded Iraq, Syria and Libya illegally. Watch "911 The New Pearl Harbor" for all the facts and proof.
The west are the worlds leading terrorists, and they do not care how many lifes they take so long as their greedy blood covered hands have control of every nation on this planet. The good thing is, it will Never happen. The West will fry in hell for the innocent lives it has taken in the name of greed and power.


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