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Unruly passenger must pay WestJet for fuel costs

A United Kingdom man who was removed from a WestJet flight after becoming disruptive has been ordered to reimburse the airline for the fuel used to bring him back to Calgary. On Jan. 4, David Stephen Young was on a flight from Calgary to London when he was refused access to the aircraft washroom while the seatbelt light was activated. He forced his way into the washroom and after returning to his seat became aggressive towards other passengers and the flight attendants. The aircraft then… ( 기타...

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Well, it is my sincere belief that being a moron should be expensive.
And...If you're going to be stupid, you've got to be tough!
"His attorney says his client is a recovering alcoholic who had several drinks before boarding the aircraft."
Recovering?!? Rediscovering, more like it!
Have his lawyer pay a fine for representing an idiot
chalet 3
And have the idiot pay a fine for hiring an idiot lawyer
Cansojr 1
The other passengers who witnessed this fiasco should be given double frequent flyer points. This is a gesture for the inconvenience that this person caused.
Why punish the airline for the misbehavior of one of their customers? Seems to be the rage these days to punish those not responsible for the trouble.
I think he was 'recovering'! He was 'recovering' his alcoholism.
John Davis 11
That should put a dent in his alcohol and travel budget.
That is funny 😎
John, you da' man
Cansojr 1
His wife will not be amused when he takes out a second mortgage on their home. Or other household items he had to pilfer the funds for his fine.She will not be happy that her husband will not be allowed on West Jet in the future. Heads up West Jet.
Mike Mohle 10
"Bout time!!!!!!!!!!! How about to also reimburse each passenger for their costs (damages) for missed connections, reservations not made but charged for, or meetings missed?
I fully support your idea, hope he is now on a NO FLY list. There have been too many of these lately, maybe a breathalyzer test should be administered prior to boarding. If you are drunk - NO GO. Plus only ONE drink of alcohol should be served on board.
OMG--This is an EXCELLENT idea.
Wish U.S. airlines started doing this.
It sends a clear message to people who want to be disruptive on an aircraft.
Kinda common sense.
mdburd 7
Every airline should use this as a "best practice"
ADXbear 2
Thats all..
Better than nothing..
chalet 2
This fine is a shot in the dark, the jerk will never pay a damn thing. It has been proved that it is much cheaper for the airline and the passengers to armwrest the drunkard, throw him to the deck, tie his arms in the back and duct tape him good his big mouth.
Forcing your way into the lavatory and then having to pay for the dump.
If he can't/won't pay it throw him in debtors prison till he can.
Totally unacceptable behavior!
Do the crime do the time
I agree with it its not fair on other passengers seems this happens often these days..
Ahhh the joys of travel, how I do NOT miss it! Saw this type of thing often in my 30 years of Business travel. Best was a Delta Agent who in reacting to an unruly pax at the gate, made an announcement in response...."...Attention in the Gate 11 Area, if any of you know just who the F^%#$ this person here is, please come up and let him know, he keeps asking if I know who the F*&^# he is, thank you!
If you ever ask any type of service personnel,airport staff, security or others "Do you know who I am?" The answer is "You are an A**h*le" Any more questions?
Hmmm. Business trip perhaps? Someone should look him up on Facebook to see where he works. I'm sure his employer would be interested to find out more about the idiot they hired.
imorenas 0
If only the airlines were held to such high standards and compensated passengers for their bullshit!
Actually, the Airlines used to have very high standards, decorum and neatly dressed, courteous passengers who paid a significant amount of money to fly! Then came deregulation, cheap fares, slovenly dressed drunks and manners that belonged to a mass of passengers with below average IQ! You have seen them, the ones that just have to get to that gate agent and ask if they are in the right place? Bar drunks will always argue that their flight was never called to board and lets forget handing out monetary fines that will never get paid, just throw their behinds in jail for 30 days. Too much?
"such high standards"? That was a joke, right?
imorenas 2
Partially, yes.


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