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Airlines Push to Soften Oversight

Consumer advocates are complaining that a regulation proposed by the U.S. Department of Transportation — at the airline industry’s urging — would make it harder to penalize airlines for bad behavior and to adopt new rules that protect travelers. ( 기타...

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This is a great idea since the airlines have so strongly demonstrated their deep concerns for passenger comfort and convenience and their customer service experience is exemplary and a model for all other industries. Airlines have proven that they are more concerned over the customer/passenger experience than mere profits to be gained by...say, cramming as many seats as possible in an aircraft and charging for every possible amenity.
Just what we need, more deregulation.
The DOT's proposed rules were published in the Federal Register today. You can read the NPRM for yourself at . The NPRM does NOT propose to change any of the FAA's safety regulations.

Should you wish to comment you can do so as prescribed in the Notice.
To Roger's comment about "charging for every possible amenity", hopefully, pay toilets are not under consideration.
Ryan Air was supposedly considering it at one point. So if you have no money, who cleans the seats? Or the floors? I'd be sure to read about a drunk passenger peeing on the floor outside the 'facilities' after they started that. YUCK!
So how long until Southwest crashes a plane? They have been getting away with a lot of stuff.

I thought this would happen. They will whine and cry about how Covad-19 will negatively impact their earnings, and they need 'relief'... Scrimping on safety is NOT relief. It's reckless. It's playing games with safety and gambling with human lives, but not unheard of under a *cough* republican administration. *cough*

The totality of environmental regulations that have been rolled back, and removed will already kill hundreds of thousands, so why not roll back air carrier regulations and oversight. The FDA is allowing meat packers to certify their products. Boeing was certifying their own designs, and what happened.

The role of government is to protect its citizens from harm. It's not for protecting shareholders and industry. Failing at that is horrific, and a symptom of how bad government/industry has gotten, how powerful corporate money has gotten, and what we all lose, daily, as government is sold for corporate contributions.
Good grief. You evidently have not read the NPRM. It has nothing to do with the FAA's safety regulations. Before posting comments concerning a subject you apparently know nothing about why not read the DOT's proposal first. It's located here:


J Buck

Airline Pilot(Ret.)
ATP DC-9/B-717, B-757/767
FAA Safety Inspector (Ret.)
Aviation Safety Consultant
And you don't know about corporate philosophy. (Profit above all) If you give a corporation an inch, many will take 6 feet. If you give a corporation a break, they will push it farther. If they sense that government isn't monitoring regulations, they will ignore them UNTIL SOMETHING BAD HAPPENS. They will do whatever they feel they can get away with, and will not look at the possible future ramifications of their decision(s). Most large corporations have whole units inside the company that play 'whit if' games with their products, and use slick PR to cover over as much as they can. They call some of it 'Mote Carlo Simulations'. Gambling with people's lives. Really...

Look at Alaska Airlines and their mad dog t-tails. They decided to use a different grease. They ARE still greasing them, and, apparently to them, 'grease is grease'. Imagine riding on that plane as the pilots figure out the only way to keep it in the air (longer) is to fly it upside down (inverted). Imagine the terror, the shear terror of flying in a plane you know is going to crash and kill you. All because, unknown to the passengers, the corporation swapped grease, (to save money) and no one told anyone at the FAA or manufacturer about it. Oops... Lack of oversight. It kills people.
If they had gone with the single sensor MAX, it might have happened.
Hey Bernie or Joe, better get that cough checked! May be the killer Virus of Nancy!
And what does this idiotic comment have to do with what is being discussed here?
Oh, such unfairness. So what if the passengers need a bathroom break after sitting on the ramp for 2+ hours? Just sit there and hold it. And, don't let me catch you using the seat back pocket in front of you!


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