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Emirates to fly A380 to San Francisco, Houston

Emirates will begin flying its flagship Airbus A380 to San Francisco and Houston from December 2014, upgrading both routes from the current Boeing 777-300ER. ( 기타...

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Tova, Ken: Perhaps there might be enough demand for certain international routes, but this article shows a different perspective:

Basically, the aircraft is too large to make it work within American networks. Even though it might have the edge in terms of price per passenger, American airlines don't think they could keep the plane filled.

Also, American travelers seem to prefer more frequent, direct flights (what Boeing thinks is the future) versus larger, hub to hub flights (which is what Airbus sees as the future). I don't have any source link for those, but a simple web search should turn up some interesting articles.

Dont forget they will begin flying the A380 to DFW from dubai, daily service starting Oct. 1
American carriers are missing the boat......or at least the potential for income. If they can do it (meaning foreign carriers), how come American carriers cannot? Even BAW took the plunge with two daily A380's from LAX.

Truly, what are the American carriers afraid of?
I agree with Ken. And I'll add that I think the reason is Boeing Lobbyists make them scared to buy one, calling it "un-American," or some such condemnation. Delta should really do that but they do the opposite; they keep their planes as small as possible.


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