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Delta 99 Diverted to Schiphol 7 August 2013

7 August 2013, Delta 99, Airbus 330, Paris-Detroit, Diverted to Schiphol, Amsterdam Region, The Netherlands due to flaps failure to retract. ( 기타...

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You can see they did a fair bit of holding to burn off fuel before landing.
They've long since moved on from Amsterdam, and are nearly passing Maine, and well on their way to Detroit.
Wondering why Amsterdam and not London or Manchester!
Amsterdam is a SkyTeam hub (KLM). Delta has many flights into and out of Amsterdam. Delta has many SkyTeam partners also flying into Amsterdam.
1) Delta or a Delta partner will have the mechanical expertise to fix the problem. or
2) Delta would more easily be able to accomadate passengers on Delta or Delta partner flights, in the event the flight needs to be cancelled for mx reasons.

Excellent answer!
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Delta flight with stuck flaps diverts

A Delta Air Lines flight from Paris to Detroit was diverted to Amsterdam after its flaps were stuck and unable to retract after takeoff.


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