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Lawmakers Urge Boeing Not To Sell Aircraft To Iran

Don’t Make a Deal Iran may be an attractive market for commercial aircraft now that economic sanctions on Tehran have been lifted, but for Boeing, selling into that market carries political risk. Boeing, headquartered in Chicago, and marketed as a U.S. company, is under fire from home-state Republican Reps. Peter Roskam, Robert Dold and Randy Hultgren for opening preliminary talks with Iran about the sale of airliners. “Iran is still the world’s leading state sponsor of ... ( 기타...

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Probably don't have to worry about Boeing, there will be a flood of aircraft brokers banging on their doors with plenty of used stuff to go around and plenty of dough to to be made.
US govt lifted the sanctions and unfroze their bank accounts. Let capitalism reign supreme.
Secondhand aircraft - Good point ???
Our lawmakers are probably getting campaign contributions from Airbus. Boeing should be free to compete now that the sanctions have been lifted.
What a stupid statement.


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