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Why Delta Air Lines Paid Me $11,000 Not To Fly To Florida This Weekend

Over the past week, Delta Air Lines has encountered epic travel delays after unprecedented storms forced the cancellation of thousands of flights. ( 기타...

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I think the real reason the author was compensated so well is the start of her second sentence. "As a travel editor, ..." You have the ability to write a story that softens the blowback of a terribly mismanaged situation and give it a slightly tarnished silver lining. I don't think most of the travelers were treated with the same level "curtesy."

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Last time I was bumped by Delta, I wasn't even compensated. Guess you have to be traveling first class with three people.
Most I ever got was a hotel room and flight the next day
"Unprecedented storms."
Are clickbait cliches what passes for journalism these days?
LOVE that term, "clickbait." Thanks.
Hey honey, don't forget to put that money on your tax return. After all you earned it
Glad you were well treated. In a flight from Amstredam to Seattle I was not and will never fly Delta again.
This United overbook situation had just the opposite outcome -

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Even if he was lying about being a doctor, this was definitely not the right way to deal with the overbooked situation. As Ruger9X19 said, it's likely the author of this Delta article may have received better treatment, but Delta was offering passengers more and increasing levels of compensation to give up their seats voluntarily.

I think I'm going to be choosing other options over United for a while.
David Dao is a doctor in Louisville. His four children are also doctors and his wife is a pediatrician. He suffered a broken nose, a concussion and lost his two front teeth. Due to the concussion, he does not even remember running back onto the plane (and how he got past security is another big fail by UA). Nobody should ever be treated this way. Period.
Remind not to help resuscitate you linbb when you next have a pulmonary embolism mid-flight.
@linbb What did he do that's so wrong? How about UA booked a commercial flight for its employees or transport them in different modes? Was it wrong to refused when he has the same rights as the other pax? What type of fight were you speaking of...we all could see, he's a middle age standard build man, vs 3 big burly cops? Please explain.
Also, if I have a doctor that's willing to fly across the land to treat my dying family, I'll be eternally grateful...and there's still doctor that's dedicated and willing to do that.


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