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Last Boeing 720 Retired

The last operational flight of a Boeing 720 took place in Canada on Sept. 29. The aircraft, the engine test bed for Pratt & Whitney Canada, flew for four hours with a turboprop mounted on the nose. At the end of the flight, its airframe time was up. It will make one last flight, either to a museum or a scrapyard. The engine maker has replaced it with a Boeing 747 SP. The fate of the 720 has not been decided but a Canadian classic airliner fan is hoping the aircraft can be preserved. ( 기타...

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She is a Beautiful Aircraft and she deserves to be Preserved inside a Aviation Museum. Not to be scrapped and forgotten>
It sounded like a sad day for pilots and crew.
I had the opportunity to take pictures of her last flight on Sept 29th, taking-off 24R at CYHU. Photo uploaded on this site.
Gilles: nice shot. I saw this airplane only once, in flight low and slow over the Caughnawaga Golf Course, which is only a few miles from the St. Hubert Airport. With its extended nose and radar on top, I at first thought it was some sort of military or weather research aircraft until I spotted a test engine attached to the fuselage pod (fifth pod).


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