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Pipistrel obtains first ever Type Certificate in the world for an electric aeroplane from EASA

After years of intensive research and several successful award-winning electric aircraft models developed since 2007, Pipistrel has today achieved a breakthrough feat in aviation history, having type certified the battery powered Velis Electro. Working in tight collaboration with the European Union Aviation Safety Agency, whose engagement was essential to reaching this unprecedented milestone, Pipistrel demonstrated that its new Velis Electro achieves the highest levels of safety. ( 기타...

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Falconus 1
I have never had the privilege of flying in a Pipistrel, but the company has caught my eye over the past several years. It looks like they make some really solid, economical aircraft for a variety of roles.
linbb -1
Ho hum another dud that hits the airways now where are the Jetsons at? Electric AC are far from prime time as has been proven over and over. Wont hall any load, wont fly very far are just among there draw backs. And battery weight is the biggest problem so now you have a very fragile airframe to go with it just like the light sports do.
Falconus 1

Pipistrel didn't start off with a higher-performing electric airplane for some of the same reasons that the Kitty Hawk flyer was not designed to do 200 knots carrying four people for 1000nm and that Henry Ford didn't start off with a Fusion Hybrid.

And honestly, Pipistrel is advertising it as a primary trainer, not as luxury 1000mi transport for the whole family. It makes a lot of sense in this role, especially given that so much of primary flight training takes place near the home airport.


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