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Blue Angels show new fighter jet in Loveland ahead of 2021 air show

The Blue Angels have scheduled an air show Oct. 16-17 in Loveland featuring their new Super Hornet fighter jets. ( 기타...

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Too bad that anyone who is using an ad blocker can't see this article.
Ken Lane 5
If 90% of the ads were not full of complete bullshit that made ads in a porn mag look legit, I wouldn't have that extension on my browsers.
carpetshoe 1
Worked for me with AdGuard. Sometimes you need to add an additional filter to block ad-block detect scripts.
stratofan 3
Looks fantastic!!! Cannot wait to see them in an airshow this year!
Kevin Orr 2
Too bad that is a D model
Norm Dutot 2
The State of Florida has now received over 3,000 requests for the "Blue Angels" license plate and will now begin production.
Greg77FA -2
Hope current administration does not cancel the shows as too patriotic.
Please stop your bullshit.
srobak -6
stop yours
Says Private Bonespurs to a Gold Star Family?
"May God bless America and may God protect our troops."
Norm Dutot 3
Why politicize this site?
srobak 2
they will. O did it, remember?
sparkie624 -9
Shh... Don't give them the idea!
srobak 3
it will be EO #432987
flyerh 1
I too use an ad blocker. In most instances the ads are irrelevant and nothing more than a nuisance. In this instance I would love to see this post but am not willing to delete the blocker. ALAS!
Outstanding Aircraft.
I wonder what the rest of the schedule will be like, if there is one at all?
Ken Lane 1
I lived on the Colorado front range a number of years during the `80s through early `2000s. I've seen snow on Labor Day weekend and I've seen snow on Memorial Day weekend.

It's all about the usual weather patterns affected by normal influences with no rhyme or reason on what might change beyond the typical seven to ten days prediction. Global warming has nothing to do with how little or how much snow falls.

That's a complete joke. Period. Man is an egotistical fool to think he can influence the global climate. Don't believe me? Go spend six months at sea on an aircraft carrier. On one day you'll see the ocean like a plate of glass without the slightest ripple as far as you can see until met by the ship's bow. On another day, you'll encounter storms so rough they rock a boat that big and swells high enough to wash over the flight deck ninety feet above the waterline.

Yes, global warming is a joke. It's the new religion for leftist fools.
Bob Wolff 0
Strong possibility of being cancelled due to snow that time of year...
srobak 0
With an average high of 65 in October - no. They regularly have air shows in that region at that time of the year. You're thinking the other side of the Rockies.
Bob Wolff 1
No, I grew up in Boulder and Denver and October snow is not an unusual occurrence.
srobak 0
and I don't mean this in a chastising way - but how long ago was that? natural climate change (read: unstoppable planetary evolution) has pushed dates and totals deeper and deeper into "winter" aross the country. 40 years ago a foot of snow on the ground was commonplace in the upper midwest for Halloween. Now they are lucky if they have any snow by Christmas.

The last 10 years - Denver has seen an average of 1.3 days of snow in October, totaling less than 3.5 inches for the month.

It's a good bet that the air show is safe.
Not sure what part of the Upper Midwest you are referring to. I have lived in the Minneapolis / St.Paul area of Minnesota for 70+ years and I can tell you there is seldom ANY snow on the ground here at Halloween. When there is any it is barely measurable (with one exception - 1991 I believe)


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