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Using approach paths to hide from the police in Los Angeles

The heavily restricted airspace around Los Angeles International Airport, Burdette pointed out, has transformed the surrounding area into a well-known hiding spot for criminals trying to flee by car. Los Angeles police helicopters cannot always approach the airport because of air-traffic-control safety concerns. Indeed, all those planes, with their otherwise-invisible approach patterns across the Southern California sky, have come to exert a kind of sculptural effect on local crimes across the… ( 기타...

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In this short-attention-span, sound-bite-ridden world, it's refreshing to read an article with some depth. Interesting insight into the the airborne world of the LAPD.
btweston 1
The New York Times is one of the last vestiges of a once great industry.
Interesting the NYT is reporting this and not the LAT or other Cali based newsource? I would have to believe that all major cities with a large airport that has approach paths over urban areas could have the same 'crime corridors' where police air presence is unable to fly. The approaches to Kennedy, LaGuardia, and Newark in the NY metro area makes for a fairly large area that is no-fly for the police heli crews. Maybe seomone from the LAT will be doing that report next?
From the article: "Los Angeles is a fundamentally different kind of place from New York or Chicago, he explained, with their skyscrapers and deep, canyonlike streets. Those dense clusters of high-rises and towers make thorough aerial patrols nearly impossible, not to mention potentially dangerous."
btweston 2
Ha! I was actually going to quote that same passage here.
What about the 1983 movie "Blue Thunder"?
bbabis 3
Great article. Informative and well written. Total control of the air is a very necessary way that undermanned law enforcement has any hope of combatting the growing criminal element.
The police are the growing criminal element.
Power corrupts!
So for those that demand that guns be taken away you must realize that after reading this that criminals will always find a way around it.
The fact is police are well aware of local approach patterns. They readily see what's happening pattern-wise and can talk directly to approaching pilots and ATC if they need to get in close under an approach path. The news copters on the other hand need to fly higher than police and often need to be stationary while filming. That would be problematic on an active approach path. There really isn't much airspace in a city that's routinely difficult for police to get to. And there's really little or nothing that's totally off limits to police.
Don't know what all the down talk is, for I find the article interesting! Well written and informative.
Who cares about NYC?
Went there on vacation in 2014 and will not return by my choice. I thought all the rude & obnoxious people lived in California, however, I was wrong!
Why can't you people make your response's about aviation? Isn't that what this site is about!
btweston 2
Were you quoting someone or are you schizophrenic?
lbjack 0
The answer is that cynicism makes stupid people, who have nothing to contribute, sound clever.

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linbb 13
Better than some of the ones posted about the airplane race between two company's and other reposts of reposts along with some of the comments by trolls.
btweston 1
Yeah. Screw in-depth reporting. I want to hear what Donald Trump tweeted!

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Excuse us all to hell and back, "Esquire". Once again we have an aviation EXPERT who feels he is above the non-pilots on here. I guess the rest of us should just have FA cancel our accounts. I grew up next to LAX, know all about THE CHARTS, and THE CORRIDORS, especially after witnessing two mid-airs in said corridors back in the 70's. So anytime you wanna talk LAX, bring it on, "Esquire". Really? "Esquire"? Who uses that??? Be civil to all members, pilots or otherwise or STFU and vacate the forums.
There was country song a few years ago about a guy living in an online fantasy world, pretending to be something special out in LA, when in reality he was - I believe the song said - 5'-3" and overweight, living in his mom's basement, driving an old Hyundai, delivering pizza, and had never been on a date. I'm not saying this is *that* guy, I just thought about that song while reading the comments here. I'm sure there's NO CONNECTION whatsoever. I'm SURE of it.
Caz Zie 3
Everyone knows at least one like PFH.Esq. They rarely have any actual control or say over their own life so they troll, mock, belittle and inflate their ego via beninge sarcasm on a forum. You know what they say about an expert...
Esquire is used by lawyers. Probably an out-of-work attorney who gets along with nobody.
More thank likely another account for the Other Blow hard that feigns being a "real aviation expert"
Tom Pera 9
yeah...but you can't fly in the approach zone/TCA which is what this article references
And the approach zones have apparently become the havens for criminals to 'hide' in since no police helis are allowed to chase them...please be civil in your responses and most of us in this blog are aviation professionals either in the air or on the ground.
Tom Pera 8
civil? I'm civil...and yes, an ex ATC guy familiar with LAX
Not directed at you Tom, just a general statement for those adding their comments....
Tom Pera 4
thanks, Tim... try to be civil, too!


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