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Azul becomes 1st in Americas for minute-by-minute aircraft flight tracking by adopting Aireon space-based ADS-B

Azul Linhas Aéreas has become the first airline in the Americas to exceed modern flight tracking safety standards by embracing truly global, real-time flight tracking capabilities onboard aircraft, with SITAONAIR’s best-in-class AIRCOM® FlightTracker. ( 기타...

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By making the transponder impossible to shut it down (off) will be sufficient and a lot cheaper...but as Matt says concerning the is kind of harder for last position purposes..cause the FLYHT must cost a lot per aircraft,I believe...correct me Matt,I do not have knowledge concerning that issue as you do...Thanks
I am not sure that you can do that.... Suppose you have one failed that is causing other internal issues... If something were to short out, it could be catastrophic - Ref Swissair Flight 111 -
Kind of Misleading article.
Sorry Azul is not the first. First Air started using the FLYHT system four (4) years ago in the high Arctic - where no radar sweeps are made.[...]esigned-FLYHT-Aerospace-Solutions.html
That older solution is primarily for transmitting position and flight data recorder information in the event of an emergency, not for continuous 1-minute tracking mandated by the new international standards. Their solution requires additional equipment on each aircraft (at about $120,000 per plane), plus satellite uplink costs.
Yes, but we don't need one minute tracking. If you flew up there you'd know why.
It doesn't matter if it's needed or not, they are NOT using the same thing as Azul, thus they were NOT the first to use it.

So simple even a 1st grader could understand...

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Chill out man. No reason to go there. No reason.

The article was a broken link that after a few minutes of searching came up with more broken link articles on this site. Azul is using something else other than what we use here. Meyers attacks me for childish reasons. I counter asking if he understands English. You then attack me telling me to chill. I was until then.

Linnb is my troll in hiding, much like MH370 and a few others that I've reported and nothing gets done about them.

No, you and others constantly downvote me for odd and stupid reasons need to know that we fly in the most inhospitable conditions and areas - both poles. Antarctica is my second home - in the summer and no aircraft have that kind of tracking there - only military has it. We've added the FLYHT equipment to the a/c we fly at the bottom of the world.
Well good for you. However, the universe does not circle around you and most people would not actually care if it did. Sir, there is a manner to conduct oneself in a way that includes simple respect for others. We may not agree with others but respect should remain for your opponent. I learned a long time ago that it is most likely better to think before speaking.

And that is it for me as you have taken us far from the subject at hand.
It’s something all airlines should have had years ago. The only objections have been cost.

I wonder if anyone is still searching for that one plane that disappeared because the company didn’t want to pay for flight tracking texts...??

Searching for a downed aircraft is much more expensive than this tracking system.


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