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A321XLR A plane I would’t want to work on.

With the lack of a dedicated crew rest, a single cabin configuration offering more seats than a 787-8 - the new vision of a 10 hour flight? An interesting article from the POV of flight crew about Airbus’s new sell on long haul travel. ( 기타...

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I see the delema here. While I was a flight attendant for a regional, I joked about if I was bidding for our J41 or EMB145 for the next month. If it has wings and it flies and I get max hours, I'm cool. Those are short hops. I've done plenty TATL flights while active Air Force and DoD civilian. Normally I lucked out and never flew on an overbooked aircraft. The worst flight I had was the World Airways "Cattle car" from the MAC OL in PHL to RAF Mildenhall. We even had a stop in Gander to refuel, in the snow, no jet way. And we had to wait for the Aeroflot flight to board because being on a military charter at the tail end of The Cold War we weren't allowed to mingle with anyone having communist ties. 12 years later after my stint in the Air Force and being laid off frim a big industrial construction company, Trans States is hiring. Some days I would have 6 legs, some days I'd actually only have one leg and overnight. LOL, just to get over my wife bitching at my all the time, I'll go back to flying. Let's see how well I can go on a singke aisle 321 for eight hours. Can't be worse than a 130 TATL and the only lav is a bucket on the ramp.
Growing up military, then spending time as a naviguesser, I've made lots of transoceanic flights in a single aisle 707 or stretch 8, no inflight entertainment (bless my mom for putting up with me). Now as a DoD civilian, posted overseas, I dread the flight back home to visit family, because of reasons like this. I'm not sure where the author got the idea that Pax love the 380. The most uncomfortable, leg room wise, was an LHA A380 (booked as a United flight I believe). My knees were jammed in the back of the seat in front of me.
Well ,report says couple seats held back for crew to stretch out and rest as this aircraft doesn't provide rest area's like the big boy's . all well like old days crew have cat nap in seats but aren't employer's supposed to proved adequate provision's for crew to have required rest .also would you see Pilot coming down to back having cat nap at back NO, AND WHERE would the plane marshal sit as seats would be sold at a maximum bookings .
Even on the big aircraft on long haul there are extra crew members and on at least the 767-300 I have seen seats blocked out for crew to include pilots. As far as air marshalls, their pretty much on their own. We as crew will know they are aboard, but that's it.
ADXbear 1
Terrible.. the densifacation factor might fine for todays 105lb girl but no good for vast majority.

Lavatory size no longer meet any need of the disabled.. I dont know how you builders get by the Federal ADA LAWS.. all I know is my large community of handicapped have stopped flying alĺ together!!!!

The stupid high cost of bix or first class seats runs the opposite of our declining fixated Incomes..

But I regress.. forgot you dont care about older filters anymore.. !
321 is a terrible plane for loading top-troop 218 people down the aisle
777 has two ailes for 450 people, do the math.
I wonder what the 797 would look like.
linbb -6
Then don't
Did you read the article? Tokyo to Sydney on a single aisle? This is more than just a crew comfort issue.
We'll all just suffer. The people who chair airlines could care less about crew and crew regulations and obviously, not the bread and butter which would be paying passengers. As long as their making a buck, they could care less.


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