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TSA Extends Transportation Mask Mandate Through January 2022

LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) — The Transportation and Security Administration (TSA) extended its mask directive that requires passengers to wear face coverings on federal transportation. The mandate was set to expire on September 13 and is now expected to be extended through January 18, 2022. ( More...

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darjr26 6
My wife says I look better with a mask on. I’m not sure that was a compliment.
Spencer Hoefer 17
This is going to go on forever
srobak 2
like hell
sharon bias 2
Well, we're still not smoking on planes, and taking off our shoes before boarding, so mask mandates could last a long time. I just hope they start allowing booze back on flights. Of course, then they might need to start breathalyzer tests before they sell you any.
srobak 2
The REAL numbers:

333,156,663 USPOP
36,400,000 USCOVID (1.13 of every 260 people are infected)
620,000 USCOVDEAD (0.96 of every 520 people die) (0.97 of every 57 infected die)

USPOP survivability rate: 99.82%
USCOVID survivability rate: 98.3%
Jan Smith 8
Nothing is ever mentioned that there IS medicine out there to knock out the virus, they just want us to believe that if you get the virus you die and that's not so. All about control and I can't believe the people willing to get led around like mindless sheep!!
clarify 2
Really, nothing is ever mentioned that there is medicine? Let me introduce you to Google:

See all the news web sites that have articles on one of the better treatments, although not 100%?
wayne holder 0
Interesting.......I would certainly opt for this instead of the novel vaccine. Although it doesn't list the age groups of the participants.
s s 1
Turns out western civilization was just a hollow shell of tv watching conformists for some time now. Feed people any bunch of crap and they'll not only gladly eat it, they'll beg for more while demanding everyone else eat it, too.
Jan Smith 2
So true S S and trust me the media/government will continue to create more and more variants to keep this going and going as long as possible. Eating it up just like you said
Sandy Niles 1
Of course, generally the rich and famous have access to the truly best treatments. The working poor just hope for the best. Also, this virus is weird. After recovery, plenty of folks have long-term effects. It's nasty.
canuck44 12
Wearing face diapers is entirely theater as they have no ability to blok viuses unless they are N-95. This will go on indefinitely in spite of data showing how useless they are.
Ken Lane -1
Even the N95 is limited. It blocks down to 0.3 microns. COVID-19 particles are 0.1 microns.

And, if it becomes moist from mucus, etc, it will also start to affect the flow of oxygen which is only 0.005 microns. There have been cases of people passing out from hypoxia by wearing a mask while driving.
Did you read what you just wrote? You're saying that an N95 doesn't work because it doesn't block small things, but does somehow block even smaller things.

That's not how any of this works. A virus is really small but it's not like it can just go for a stroll in the air without being encapsulated in a droplet, which is much larger. The reason why it can be harder to breath in an N95 is precisely because it's so good at filtering things.
Huck Finn -4
Breathing is a basic human right, impending breathing is wrong.
And it's certainly your right to breathe in those COVID-carrying droplets, but not your right to contribute to the spread. Don't want to wear a mask? Stay home. Good thing is soon you won't be welcome anywhere - and there is nothing you can do about that!
srobak 4
why do I have to stay home just because you are scared? how about YOU stay home? You stay in YOUR house indefinitely. YOU wear a mask, YOU socially distance yourself from me, YOU avoid restaurants, YOU avoid baseball games, YOU stay off the roads, YOU avoid malls and beachs and parks. I am done playing your dumb game. I am not going to continue to be a prisoner of YOUR fear. I am not staying in my house or catering yo YOU because YOU are scared. YOUR fear is not an excuse to destroy America. YOUR fear is not my fear and YOUR fear does not have the right to interfere with the lives of anyone else, their jobs, their incomes or their abilities to be FREE American citizens.
Gary Ondrey 2
Bravo !!! Well said !! I couldn't agree with you more !! Finally, a sane comment
Gary Ondrey 2
Damn Communist! You love to be controlled
Bob Nichols 0
For those who wish to wear a diaper across their face so they can feel safe should just stay home; let the rest of us live and let our immune systems do the job. 'Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.'
You people just don't get it. The mask doesn't protect the wearer. It's not supposed to.
srobak 3
YOU don't get it. It doesn't protect anyone.
Rich Pasco -7
Get the vaccine and don’t worry about the guy not wearing a mask, it’s that simple
Real arrogant attitude Face Diaper man.
It's overkill
clarify 8
The evidence that masks reduce transmission is pretty overwhelming at this point. For example, see: .

Of course for a few people, it's not about evidence or truth or facts; it's about holding onto their belief systems at all costs.
Steve Strong 2
clarify, you either don't fully understand or didn't carefully read the key parts of that study. It was computer models not actual measurements and the base conclusion was it was all about signaling, not about efficacy. They stated multiple times there were no measured results. I can make a computer model say whatever I want it to say either intentionally or unintentionally given the set of assumptions. All computer models of this nature are based on predetermined assumptions. Your statement about "a few people" is likely correct but it is in this case not a few but a very large number that believe whatever the politicians tell them because it presents as doing something, anything, whether right or not. People are made to be afraid of things with 24/7 scary news coverage and then want someone to just do something no matter if it's right or not and no matter if it helps or harms, just do something! Unless I'm misinterpreting your point, I'd suggest that you should score very close to if not 100% on the following. If masks were effective in this case, the data should be crystal clear. I'm sure some opposed to the masks are tribal just as those that demand people be forced to wear them are, but many are opposed because they have looked at the evidence, the facts, and at this point, and given nearly 40 years of measured studies, not models, the efficacy of masks for prevention of spread of respiratory illness is not proven and there is some measured evidence supporting the fact that masks in this use may cause harm to the wearer and may even increase the spread of respiratory viruses.
Jon Dill 3
Thanks, Steve. You saved me a lot of typing to state the article had no conclusion and no relevant research to support the assertion.
clarify 2
What do you mean by "that study"? The paper reviews evidence from multiple studies in multiple categories, the categories being -- Direct Epidemiological Evidence, Reviews and RCTs of Mask Use for Other Respiratory Illnesses, Ecological Studies, Modeling, Human Studies: Infectious Particles, Human Studies: Aerosol and Droplet Filtration, Risk Compensation Behavior, Creating New Symbolism around Wearing a Mask, Supply Chain Management of N95 Respirators and Surgical Masks, etc.

If you came away thinking it was about "that study" then you didn't understand the article.
bentwing60 -1
And as the sole occupant of the vehicle one might add. Dunning-Kruger study is an altogether sad commentary on the pseudo higher order intellect in the lower ranks of the species!
wayne holder 1
Is this another way of don't know you don't know
Dale Ballok -1
So, your solution to avoid the spread of this contagious virus is to just operate at status quo, and take no precautions, like wearing masks, vaccinations, and distancing?
Nothing is perfect, but something is better than nothing!
Unfortunately, this whole thing has been a learning experience for everyone, from the man on the street, through to the experts!
If we had been through this before, we’d know what to expect, how to deal with it, and what measures to use fo deter it!
Guess we could say the same thing about underwear. If I'm not wearing any, you're going to get pretty wet if I decide to just pee all over you. That "crotch diaper" works far better than nothing at all - and people like you are why we have over 600,000 COVID deaths in the U.S.
Huck Finn 5
The mask mandates are just the beginning of additional mandates and freedom stompers. Tyrants never give up until they are resisted. Resist!
Huck Finn 4
Wearing the face mask is like using a condum with openings on both ends!
Diane Leib 4
Canada is now enforcing proof of vaccinations to board a plane. I think this is wonderful and I don’t have any problem with face masks. Anything to slow down this Delta variant and keep me alive is OK by my. I have lost 3 close friends/relatives to this and I don’t want to lose any more. Stop The Spread is my motto
Huck Finn 8
Resist is my motto. Freedom ain’t free.
Your brainwashed just like the others. You need to use a little common sense about this whole thing. Doesn't appear that's the case & that's also the problem.
Michael Cole 4
Stay home if you’re that concerned about it is my motto. Just because you’re a sheeple, don’t force your views on the rest of us.
Pa Thomas 1
All the poor babies in this thread.
Rob Carlassara -4
I feel for the flight crew and the unruly passengers. Masks ( which have never and will never work) belong in health care settings NOT airplanes at 40,000 feet. If vaccines work so well, why the masks?Enough is enough Joe. We cannot live like this forever. Its time to move on!!!! Take your face diapers and shove it!
Vaccines are working for the vaccinated. They're still being mandated for the unvaccinated as vaccinated passengers can still act as carriers without evening knowing it. I guess if it were a requirement to be vaccinated to travel, the need for a mask would be unnecessary then.
Dubslow -8
The CDC seems to claim that vacinnes don't work for the vaccinated anyways (not that I believe anything the CDC says these days).

Besides, it is *impossible* to control the spread of a stealthy respiratory virus, no matter how many vaccines are distributed. Even at 100% vaccination a stealthy respiratory virus will spread, as evidenced by the fact that we haven't eradicated the flu yet.

It is quite impossible, and therefore quite pointless, to attempt to control the spread of Covid-19.
srobak -2
vaccines are not working for the vaccinated. 60% of those who are currently diagnosed are also fully vaxxed. read the numbers - not the news.
Chris Croft -1
You can place masks in the social contagion category, which is the spread of ideas, emotions, and behaviors through the influence of one's peers, social and main stream media. Other examples are fashion, climate change and gender reassignment. Conformity to these ideas through peer/social media pressure lead people to think their theories and opinions are facts. Critical thinking RIP.
Huck Finn -5
Just like Fauci, extend the mandates each time thy near expiration. A worthless exercise in theatre and virtue signaling.

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clarify -3
Ahhhh yes, the "Danish study" that you cling to so desperately....

Brad Webster 1
Watched a Canadian Virologist demonstrate the masks effectiveness. After donning up to FIVE masks the vapor was still able to escape. So yes masks are a joke and don't work.
Greg Cotten 0
What a heated debate, and with so little science!

It is all about percentages. There is a T-shirt out there that is likely true, “Vaccines are the #1 cause of adulthood!”

Nothing on earth, or in life is 100% for all people, all of the time, but if many or most benefit from something with a risk less than doing nothing, then there is a benefit, which is real.

People refi for a very small change in their APR, because it the long run, it does show a benefit.

I challenge anyone to dispute that vaccines do more harm than good.

What benefit does they TSA administrator, or the government at large, get from a mask mandate? Please tell me!
srobak 0
clarify -1
> What benefit does they TSA administrator, or the government at large, get from a mask mandate? Please tell me!

The answer is beyond obvious....

TSA stands for Transportation SAFETY Administration. Their job is to keep people SAFE when they interface with the transportation system. Travelers not catching a virus that over 626,000 Americans have died of, is a matter of SAFETY. And even more so, the vast majority of Americans want to prevent travelers catching and then further spreading the deadly virus.

In other words, it's their damn job!

Sandy Niles 6
"Transportation Security Administration" (not "safety")
clarify 0
Fair point and my mistake! Thank you, Sandy Niles!

That said, the word secure, according to Merriam Webster has meanings such as: "free from danger", "affording safety", "freedom from risk of loss". Given that, I think my point stands (no matter how many downvotes it gets).
Greg Cotten 1
Precisely, you specify that the general public benefit and not the TSA administrator or any other singular government employee or the government at large, other than the possible off-hand compliment. In the best of times, the will of the government is to benefit the maximum number of the people. Read my comments in context to the thread.
Gary Eldridge -5
What authority does TSA have over face masks? How ridiculous! TSA should be abolished for one thing. What good are they? It was created just to make meaningless jobs and begin getting the public used to some level of oppression. It's been proven many times over that they often don't find planted weapons or other dangerous objects. They simply slow down the flow of air travel, in some instances causing travelers to miss their flights. They have driven up the price of travel to pay for all the equipment they want installed and to pay for all their salaries.

As for face masks, that's been proven to have little to no effect in preventing or reducing the spread of viruses. Vaccines have also been shown to not prevent one from getting the Corona virus or prevent the spread of it. Yet government and other uneducated people continue to tout the usefulness of the vaccines. They are not safe. You will find on the CDC website VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) that many THOUSANDS of people have been KILLED by the vaccine and many others have been paralyzed, developed blood clots and low platelet counts. Even the supreme court has ruled that "vaccines are unavoidable unsafe" when they were pressured by pharma to grant them immunity from all the law suits they were receiving from injuries they were causing.

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Huck Finn 1
Oh so you are the reincarnation of Joseph Mengele?
clarify 2
Godwin's Law --
Sandy Niles 0
Sad. would rather prove vaccination.

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I read the link. Only 1 study was done, the rest of the article was conjuncture. Regardless, if masks were 100% effective, they would only slow the spread of the virus that came from China. Remember "flatten the curve". I didn't really think so, but now I do, "it's all about control".
Brighteon? Oh please. Publication of choice for people who only listen to the voices in their heads.
Chris Spores -1
Try watching.
Main stream will not allow this


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