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Super Sabre Magic, Dean Cutshall’s F-100 Returns

he first of the “Century Series” fighters, the career of the North American F-100 Super Sabre can be summarized by a series of superlatives: the fastest, the highest-flying, and longest endurance aircraft of its era. Although it was rapidly overtaken by other aircraft designed specifically as ‘pure’ fighters, the “Hun” (as their pilots called them) found its best niche as a fighter-bomber role. Used extensively by the U.S. Air Force in this role during the Vietnam War, the type concluded its… ( 기타...

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One of my all time favorites and IMO the icon of the "Century" series fighters. Also the "raison d'être" for the term "Sabre dance".

Watched a guy come so close to this in a "Hun" based at ADS for a short while back in the day on a real TX. summer day, Hot,Hot,Hot. He performed a brakes on, full burner takeoff on 15, right in front of me. I was next up for the departure. The noise was deafening and I could have hung a marshmallow out the DV window on a not very long coat hanger and it would have been done.

He released the brakes and he rolled and he rolled and he used it all, and when he sucked the gear and lowered the nose right after takeoff, as the first wing rock was evident, I thought that was it! Nope, he saved the day and the "Hun", not to mention his ass.

After nearly 40 yrs. of flying some 'entertaining' airplanes, participant here since the joint opened and reading a lot of NTSB reports, I have come to the conclusion that some folks could crash anything, and am still somewhat amazed that this guy never did.


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