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Air Force Boeing B-52H Stratofortress Crashes at Guam Base

A B-52H Stratofortress bomber aborted takeoff and crashed at Andersen Air Force Base on the U.S. Pacific territory of Guam, the Air Force said Wednesday night. None of the seven people aboard was injured. The giant plane, part of the 69th Expeditionary Bomb Squadron at Minot Air Force Base, North Dakota, was on a routine training mission when it reported down at the base's flight line, or maintenance area, about 8:30 a.m. (6:30 p.m. ET), the Air Force said. ( More...

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Jim Quinn 13
The fact that all seven aircrew members were uninjured is quite amazing to me. Good training must have played a part.
joel wiley 8
Time to dust another one off at Davis-Monthan.
linbb 4
Yup one of those things, sometimes things break. Good AC in the long run.
SmokedChops 2
long run is very appropriate! The newest B-52 left Wichita in Nov 1962. Epic shelf life, indeed!
Geoff Arkley 3
Last time I was close to one I looked for the "Use By" date. Couldn't find it!
joel wiley 4
Remember the oldsmobile commercial "This isn't your father's Oldsmobile"?
I believe there are current B-52 aircrew than can say "This was my grandfather's BUFF"
Neil Klapthor 8
My father was a B52 pilot in the mid 1950s...20 something years later, I'm a brand new Lieutenant and a B52 navigator at Barkdsdale AFB. There was a Lt Col in the Wing Bomb/Nav office who had been my father's navigator and when he saw me he said he's never felt so ancient in is life! :-)
lynx318 2
They were built before 'use by date' phrase was coined.
The Hostess Twinkie of the Sky...
Neil Klapthor 1
Aren't any H models at DM. The H's are the only ones still operational. Depending on what was fire damaged they might be able to get some parts.
James Simms 6
Less opportunity for Guam to sink or capsize (As Hank Johnson said he was afraid it would do a few years ago). ;-)
Arthur Mullis 4
I read a report from Air Force Magazine that the B-52 caught fire while on the takeoff roll and the pilot aborted while still on the ground. He made the right decision as all crew ground egressed from the airplane before it was fully engulfed in fire.
Dennis See 1
If I made the 735 mile drive to Barksdale AFB, what are the chances of seeing B52 flight ops?
Neil Klapthor 1
Hard to say. Since BUFFs have been deployed to the mideast, don't know what's left at the base for daily "flight ops". That's a long drive for a slim chance to see a BUFF. It's also difficult to say what you would be able to see unless you are able to get on base. Always lots of good internet videos!
Dennis See 1
as in flying!
Training was a definite part of this miracle.
There are some H models at D-M in storage - one came out recently to replace a damaged active duty one - looks another will be reactivated.
According to there are currently 12 H models at D-M, not sure of the individual status of each.
boughbw 1
What is it with Guam? Didn't a B-2 crash there a few years back?
Neil Klapthor 2
Yep, but didn't have anything to do with "Guam"...planes crash! In the case of the B2, it basically was caused by a maintenance procedure of sensors (short answer).
bentwing60 4
A slightly longer answer,
bentwing60 3
And the scuttlebutt!
Supposedly the aircraft was washed before departure and either the tape over the static ports was not removed (wouldn't you think a 1.4 billion dollar airplane would have dedicated covers) or they were not covered during the wash,at any rate the adc's were fooled by something and the water came from somewhere, and the surviving pilots could apply for the Guinness Book of Records as the guys that wrecked the most expensive airplane that has ever been wrecked. More to come, but they will be worth less. Maybe that space shouldn't be there!
Arthur Mullis 1
Yes, there was a computer software error in the bird. A B-52 crashed off Guam in 2008 also.
chudddds 1
I was there 8 years ago when another B-52 went down, all six crew were killed.

In 1997, a Korean Air 747 crashed trying to land, the was at least one survivor.

Dont know about any B-2 accidents.
James Simms 1
If I remember right, that incident occurred on a Memorial flyover.


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