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French BEA Release Report On Ryanair 737 That Dipped To 800 Feet 8nm From The Runway

The French Bureau d’Enquêtes et d’Analyses pour la Sécurité de l’Aviation Civile (BEA) has just issued an incident report involving a Ryanair Boeing 737-800 flying too low while making its approach. ( 기타...

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The DFO should fire both their asses. The Captains’ an idiot and the F/O never should have been in that seat, “if” the 400 hour is correct. Especially on a non-precision approach in IFR w/x.
linbb 0
No stupid the airline should have never hired a 400hr to pilot any aircraft like that. Same deal as the last Max crash co pilot only had 500hrs and was overwhelmed when faced with a real emergency. Why are they allowing such low time people to fly that type of AC in the first place? Way too much going on in them for it.
everywhere in the world but united states lets commercialmguys with 250hrs right out of flight school into the right seat of a b737 or a320. there is even a tv series in the uk about it.
djames225 0
No not everywhere in the world but the US. Many countries have prerequisites of minimum 1.000-2.000 hours fixed wing before even being considered.
djames225 3
"When the alarm went off, the first officer was conducting a turn in a dense cloud with no visual references to rely on." He had visual reference..IT'S CALLED INSTRUMENTATION. WTH are Ryanair hiring for pilots?
linbb 1
Ok so you try in a situation like that to have a low time pilot fly such an aproach then. Oh and since he is supposed to be able and qualified to fly the AC if other pilot is suddenly unable to then what? Oh yes I know just like the last Max crash screw it into the ground at full power. Yup that will work so well. Bet the guy couldnt make an aproach by himself in an actual AC.
djames225 1
WTH are you yakking on about?? I'm lambasting A Ryanair for hiring a dimwit who can't read, and B: said dimwit for not paying attention. Next time, might try reading the response before responding to it!
P.S. We have had low flight hr pilots flying flying such approaches. It's how they get hrs in the second seat BUT, its called "they are qualified", something this one was not and should NOT have been flying that day. HE WAS NOT QUALIFIED!
Chris B 4
There is definitely a difference between being qualified and being experienced.

That said, every airline restricts the flying scenarios that the FO can be PF. But to have both lose the connection to very scary indeed.
djames225 3
Yes but this FO was neither qualified nor experienced. In order to get experience, you first have to be qualified. It appears Ryanair does not know how to hire nor restrict properly.
Did this report take five years and six months to prepare? Can the French bureaucracy really be that slow?
belzybob 0
That has to be one of the worst written aviation pieces I have ever read from an organ claiming to be flying related.


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