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The CEO Of American Airlines Explains Why Back-To-Front Boarding Doesn’t Work

Airlines want to board planes quickly. A short delay has knock-on effects, because the next flight is likely delayed and the next flight. Passengers miss their connections, bags don’t make their next flight either, and crew delayed on one flight delay other flights too (and may even reach their maximum duty hours for the day, leading to cancelled flights). ( 기타...

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A comment from the posted article sums up the problem perfectly. Also, people now feel compelled to carry everything they own when they travel, so they check a bag(s) and also carry on as much as the airline will allow.


D Y says:
March 23, 2021 at 1:56 am
The solution is to remove fees for checked baggage, and to charge fees for carryons.

Every flight I take now, people take massive carryons, knowing full well it will be taken to the cargo hold for free once they reach the gate.

The problem with slow loading is people being stupid and greedy. That simple. THEY want to make sure they get their space overhead, so instead of reaching their seat, sitting down, and waiting with their carryon on their lap, they stop in the middle of the aisle, hold the entire plane up, while they try and cram their massive carryon into the overhead compartment, simply so you don’t get a crack at a spot before they can stand up again.

Try it sometime. Wait until they do last call, then “board”. Watch how long you still stand, because people can’t sit their butts down. Stop the madness, and get planes boarded in ten minutes.
jbermo 4
"THEY want to make sure they get their space overhead" That's because passengers don't trust checking bags, nor desire to spend the considerable time it takes to retrieve them. . . . solve that problem first.
The problem being addressed is the time it takes to board and deplane so they can get more people to more destinations on time and on time to catch connecting flights. If the trade-off for being able to accomplish that in under 20 minutes combined is waiting at baggage claim 5 minutes longer, I'm good with it.

If you don't want to lose your bags, don't fly Spirit. In 40 years of flying, the airline has never lost my bags. Someone went home with my bag, but that's not on the airline.
back in the "good old days" of flying,planes were boarded back to front..but then again, that was long before everyone had huge carry on bags and didnt want to pay a fee to check them!i am old enough to remember the 727,smoking and non smoking areas,and a few other things regarding flying and aircraft..the supposed "solution" to crowded boarding was to "preboard" those needing assistance,those with children or handicapped..then the airlines started the frequent flyer stuff where they were allowed to "preboard",not just first class..i even remember flying out of dfw on delta once on a 747 that used two doors to board and a split boarding ramp..then there was continental who had 3 colors of boarding passes (before the computerized seats)blue,gold and was economy and ALL of the seats at that fare were in the back portion of the was regular coach and that was in the middle to front section, and gold of course was first point is, there is no quick nor easy way to board an aicraft,especially if its booked full, everyone has carryon bags they want overhead space for,and everyone must pass by the first class passengers to get back to the "good"seats in the back!!!by the way,as someone here mentioned,having a "me first " attitude,being greedy because your space and your bags count more than someone else,rudeness, and yes stupidity will continue to flourish no matter how people board an airplane!!!!
TAP Portuguese airlines has a boarding procedure that I’ve not encountered anywhere else. They have economy passengers line up in two lines, one with regular carry on luggage and one with roller bag carry ons. They then board the regular carry on passengers first and the roller bag crowd last. It does seem to expedite the boarding process.
Reduce the cost of airfare for passenger belongings (luggage) by 50%.
Do not allow carry-on luggage PERIOD.
Items that passengers bring on board must fit under the seat in front of you.

If it's simply a matter of finding your seat and sitting in it when boarding, then standing up and walking away when deplaning. we can get this done is 7 minutes.

You've all been there. You've all cursed the two little kids that just had to have his own Scooby-Doo carry-on that holds everyone up while Mom has to get it down and get the sticky handle to come out. etc. etc. etc.
jbermo 0
An airplane is certainly equipped with enough doors so no problem there. Perhaps better efficiencies can be found with the terminal and its ramp designs.


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