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Antarctica Has A Domestic Flight – Here Is Why

Located at the bottom of the world, Antarctica is the Earth’s fifth-largest continent and the coldest place on earth. With it being so inhospitable for human habitation, it is hard to believe that a landmass permanently covered in ice actually has any need for a domestic flight. Still, it does, and here is why! With two distinct seasons, Antarctica spends the southern hemisphere winter in darkness and the southern hemisphere summer with constant daylight. This is because the south pole tilts… ( 기타...

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Can anyone Help? On reading this fascinating article I came across the photo of the Basler BT-67 on skis with red frames under each wing. What are they for? Curious.
I'm no expert, but the frames look like they reach somewhat lower than the circle made by the tips of the propellers. I think they have something to do with protecting the propellers from damage if the plane is tipped to one side or the other while it is on the ground. Whether this might occur while the aircraft is parked due to high winds, or might even be a risk while landing, I don't know.
On reflection and reexamination of the picture, I am less certain of my suggestion as it looks like the props are too close to the body of the aircraft where the landing gear serves to protect them. Hopefully someone who really knows can comment.
Probably some form of geophysical survey equipment. The aircraft in that picture has a magnetometer stinger on the tail as well.
I think you might have it Harry. Well done that man.
This was really interesting!
Wouldn't this technically not be domestic if it's from a Russian air base to Norwegian sovereign territory? Antarctica isn't just one country.
Mike Monk -1
I think you'll it is a generator pack for cold weather engine start.


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