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Miami Air International 737 Slides Off Runway Into St. John's River at NAS Jacksonville

A Boeing 737 carrying 140 people from Guantanamo Bay has crashed at the Naval Air Station in Jacksonville, Florida. The incident happened at 9:40 PM on Friday when the Miami Air International plane ran off the runway at Naval Air Station Jacksonville in Florida and into the St. Johns River. ( More...

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Alan Haacke 18
Just grateful all 140 survived.
Cade foster 9
I hope they find the 2 dogs and cat safe and well....
Melanie Homer -3
Nope. Drowned.
Lots of bad weather in southern southwest Florida yesterday. Several diversions planes for FLL landed at PBI and RSW till weather cleared. Was listening to ATC they did a great job communicating weather situation near FLL including runway conditions.
WhiteKnight77 3
I'm temporarily in Orlando on a job and have to dodge the rain. The forecast is more rain in the afternoon over the next few days. Makes it hard for welders to weld and concrete to be poured.
unfortunately, rain in the afternoon is our forecast here in Orlando until mid-September
nofossil70 5
Just FYI KNIP is long way from RSW and MCO. Completely different weather system. But did have TRWsin area.
rene burlet -1
Bad weather every day from Texas to Florida , bad decisions cause problems , what's your point...
Perry Rotzell 3
The article is incorrect in stating the St Johns River is west of KNIP. It is off the east end of KNIP Runway 10/28.
rene burlet -2
OK boys slow down and see the big picture , plane down people dead , does anything else matter ??
Thomas Cain 1
No one died!
Guy Lessard 2
I heard that one of the trust reverser was u/s.. !
dondtus 2
KNIP is not available on LiveATC. Does anyone have the ATC recording from this incident?
WhiteKnight77 1
They have pulled the plane from the water and have taken it to where it can be inspected.
Could not be the pilots fault. Must be that naughty 737; or so the story goes.
WhiteKnight77 1
They have pulled the plane from the water and have taken it to where it can be inspected.
the passengers were very lucky..sadly though its reported there were peoples pets in the cargo hold,and reports were divers were sent in to investigate..overhead views of the plane show it to be very close to the embankment,and with flotation buoys positioned..last night it had not been determined how the plane was going to be moved from the river..
WhiteKnight77 1
I read a news report today that 3 pets did die in the cargo hold while a 4th in the cabit was saved.
lynx318 1
Condolences for the kitty.
WhiteKnight77 1
They also have oil containment booms around the plane to contain any leaking fuel or oil.
chalet 1
A lady who is a DOD lawyer on official business at Gitmo told CNN the night of the accident that the flight was 4 hours late in arriving there, and once airborne towards JAX the A/C would not work making it a very uncomfortable flight. Furthermore she and other ladies who were on board also said that the landing was "very hard", the plane bounced at least twice then veered left and right. Once the plane finally stopped the flight attendants provided a very professional assistance in getting the passengers out of the plane.
Registration Appears to be N732MA (B737-81Q)
Due to runway improvements landing on 9 was shorter than landing on 27. They landed in bad conditions with the left thrust reverser out of service.
A little bit longer on the touchdown, wet runway, and lack of asymmetrical braking: all spelled TROUBLE.
John Manley 0
dispatchers perspective here... more than likely should have diverted.

Wonder what their alternate was and what their bug out fuel was. If they didnt have enough for a bug out then thats on the captain and on the dispatcher.

YOU SHOULD NEVER LAND IN THE THUNDERSTORM PERIOD ! Problem is this was Miami Air and they are supplemental charter... so they dont actually have dispatchers, only flight followers. So because of that, Captain gets ultimate and final say unlike at the airlines.

This is why flying for the airlines is a better bet. You have more people to make decisions. Easy to get tunnel vision when you are running the show and don't have someone on the ground who has just as much as authority as you do in the air... provided you do not declare an emergency. If thats the case, the book gets thrown out the window and PIC can do whatever it takes to get his plane down and ensure everyone onboard is safe and sound on the ground and planes in one piece.
Melanie Homer 2
I live down the road from NAS Jax. Very strong westerly winds that night. Plane landed on east-west runway heading east WITH the wind instead of another runway against the wind. Dumb move.
zombu2 2
rene burlet 0
Inexperience pure and simple , add gas , hold if needed , divert if options run dry. I am a 35 year captain at a major airline and that's the rule.... period.

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zombu2 18
and yet here we are with you having no idea how to turn off caps lock
ToddBaldwin3 7
Looking back at his previous comments, our friend Carl, of Palermo, has a history of yelling. He's a very animated fellow.
wingbolt 3
One thing about Ole Carl, he definitely don’t like thunderstorms and he yells a lot! Kind of like Ole Crazy Joe, stands in the yard in his underwear and work boots and tells the kids TO GET OUT OF MY YARD!
James Simms 1
Has a dog who barks his slly head off @ thunderstorms (Bless his heart. Woke me up around 5-6-ish this morning for passing T-storms.
btweston -2
So you’re saying he’s an idiot.
wingbolt 8
Only if his underwear is a thong, otherwise Ole Crazy Joe always has some beer in the fridge out back. He also is a great small engine mechanic as well.
lynx318 3
and if he walks around his yard, pants around ankles, hopefully still with his undies up, singing 'The Ol' grey mare she ain't what she used to be...'
btweston -4
I’m sorry, am I high or are you high?
zombu2 2
matt jensen 2
But he's right!
wingbolt 3
He sure is, there is a liability issue with kids being in your yard...but the underwear thing is a little over the top.
lynx318 2
Hopefully they're over his bottom...and other bits.
that's right.. fire the crew before any information has been gathered... seems professional to me coming from another pilot
zombu2 -1
Sounds Legit
James Simms 3
No need to shout. A pleasant, fair conversation would be appreciated by all.
Silent Bob 3
Somewhere a village is missing its idiot...
lynx318 2
Somewhere a village has FIRED THEIR IDIOT...for not avoid, hold or divert from a comment shitstorm.
How do you not land in the thunderstorm, if you avoid the hold?
lynx318 1
Is that stay out of the cargo hold in a thunderstorm maybe??? (definitely JK)
btweston -5
You should eat their flesh, too.


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