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Florida Ring doorbell camera catches deadly plane crash in neighborhood

A small plane crashed into a car traveling on a Florida street Monday before skidding and bursting into flames, killing the two people inside the aircraft and a young boy in an SUV, according to reports. ( 기타...

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How really sad that the Pilot & Passenger in the small aircraft plus the little boy in the SUV had to pass away in such a dreadful accident RIP.
linbb 0
Its one of those things unlike car wrecks cause by poor driving that happen every day planes are always a big news deal. Looking at the flight track seems strange as wonder what else there was to choose from instead of streaching the glide out to a stall and uncontroled crash. Had a high time pilot tell me what he did kept flying it till it stopped with no injuries.
how tragic for all concerned..most assuredly there will be an invstigation and some
Coalora 1
Lawsuits against whom? You have absolutely no idea what happened.


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