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More than 100 private jets owned by Russian oligarchs are stuck in Dubai after being flown there to escape sanctions, reports say

Dozens of private jets belonging to Russian oligarchs are effectively grounded in Dubai. The Wall Street Journal reported on a build-up of more than 100 planes at Dubai airports. Dubai may seem like a safe haven for luxury assets but sanctions effectively restrict their use. Private jets belonging to Russian oligarchs that flew to Dubai to seek refuge from sanctions, following Russia's invasion of Ukraine are effectively stuck there, The Wall Street Journal reported. It's caused a… ( More...

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Seize 'em, sell 'em, and put the proceeds in an escrow account to help Ukraine rebuild. Screw the oligarchs.
strickerje 7
I can understand the sentiment, but for us (presuming you're in the U.S., E.U., or U.K.) entering a foreign nation over which we have no legal jurisdiction and seizing the property of foreign nationals over whom we have no legal jurisdiction would be ill-advised.
Michael McMurtrey 3
What I mean is that it should be an international effort. Assets of the Russian oligarchs should be seized wherever they happen to be by appropriate local authorities according to the laws of those nations (or international law), then sold by those nations, and the proceeds pooled in a escrow account for the benefit of the Ukrainian people. I did not intend to mean that the U.S. should do it single-handedly.
David Rice 3
Exactly, and anyone who thought you intended to say that the US should do it alone probably needs a passport and definitely needs some non-US based friends.
Jon Orton 10
Be careful what you wish for. We either agree that we're ruled by laws and entitled to due process or week find that property ownership laws have become obsolete for all of us.

Russian oligarchs are an easy target as everyone feels a visceral dislike for them. But if we agree to throw legal principles out due to emotion then the oligarchs become the thin end of the wedge and in time the removal of property rights will become ubiquitous.

In fact that's already happening in Canada.

We should be very careful before encouraging our own politicians to go down the same path
strickerje 2
Exactly my sentiment (I didn't reload the page before posting a similar comment)
Excellent point, Jon.
See here:
strickerje 2
Those are assets that are within the U.S. though. We have quite a bit more jurisdiction within our own borders than outside it.
Michael McMurtrey 1
Of course. See my reply to strickerje's comment.
Gavin Hughes 6
Totally agree, Michael. Top idea. Be interesting to see if anyone in authority comes up with the same idea and acts on it - wouldn't hold my breath waiting though.
Linda Allman 4
Racking up storage and maintenance fees that won't be paid, I guess they're just lawn ornaments now :)
WhiteKnight77 4
I have no problems with those planes not being able to fly anywhere.
dwgoldfarb 4
Perhaps a naive question, but why are the flying them to UAE, instead of back to Russia? Seems being in Russia would be a better refuge from Sanctions than being in UAE....
The sanctions imposed on Russia included seizing assets of oligarchs and billionaires, which would have included their private jets. They flew to UAE because UAE is one of the few countries that still accepts air traffic from Russia. However, once they get to UAE they can't really go anywhere else because of the sanctions imposed that prevent Russian-linked aircraft from being refueled, and spare parts aren't being supplied to them either so if something breaks and they can't fix it themselves, they're SOL.
dwgoldfarb 4
I get all that, but why go to UAE instead of Russia? Obviously being in Russia they are still SOL if something needs parts, but at least there is no worry of being seized because of sanctions. UAE can always change their minds and start seizing assets if they have the right incentive. I suppose there could be a fear that Putin will start seizing things himself if he perceives some sort of slight.
Patrick Wahle 1
Assets are frozen not seized. Big difference. Also many of these assets are registered in offshore corporations based in fiscal havens upon which no sanctions are imposed and where the US, UK and EU have no juridiction.
This type of article is just to please the warmongering crowds.
There are so many aviation FBOs around the world which will be more than happy to take care of these jets as well as the yachts.
Tim Eichman 1
Maybe they don't want to take their toys home, in case things go "sideways" in Russia where they might get broken...
Dale Ballok 4
“They can run, but they can’t hide”!
crcole 7
Yahoo has so many pop up ads I can hardly read the story
AdBlock Plus will take care of that! :)
Brave browser will, too.
Brian Tilbury 2
Soon will be hangar queens, unflyable to anywhere.
Bill Butler 1
"Hangar Queens". Ah, a memory from the last Century!
Michael Eadie 2
A great many jets are leased. Are these jets any different?
According to there are several still flying in the US. Guess leased to some charter company, too bad, stop dealing with devils. Still wondering what the Bank of Utah is doing with these guys. BTW, you will hear about these belong to Ukrainian Oligarchs, but they will not tell you about their connection to the Crimea and disputed areas of Ukraine where they did Putin's bidding.
Patrick Wahle 1
These aircrafts are not seized but frozen. It means they still belong to their owners. Once the sanctions lifted the aircrafts return to their rightful owners.
Regarding maintenance i am not worried, business jet manufacturers want to keep their clients happy and will make all the necessary efforts to supply maintenance staff and parts through their foreign dealerships where ever are the jets grounded.
Harbouring countries will be happy to charge parking fees and maintenance to their guests.
So many countries are not enforcing these sanctions and will be more than happy to be “middlemen” in any lucrative deals.
During the Falkland war, even after sanctions were imposed on Argentina, French arm manufacturers kept supplying weapons to Argentina via Brazil.
The same was done for Saddam Hussein when he invaded Koweit.
Business is business. Nobody knows but 2 huge oil and gaz deals were signed by France and Germany with Russia while the war is going on in Ukraine.
The gaz flows through the Brotherhood pipeline in Ukraine and Zelensky gets his commission for the transit fees of US$2 billions a year.
These sanctions are just a show for the populace. So many intermediate banks, corporations and countries make lots of money by brokering those deals.


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